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Ijmal Cosmetics Trading is a Dubai-based cosmetic distributor proudly representing some of the most renowned and award-winning professional and retail beauty brands in UAE.

We are the exclusive distributor of ‘Farouk Systems’, ‘CHI’ and ‘Biosilk’ brands.

We also own the regional exclusivity for Evolution Proof, Hair Chemistry, Evox hair rejuvenation therapy and EVY Professionals luxury hair brands.

Every product we offer is fully tested and has a proven record of delivering stunning results.

The company, Ijmal Cosmetics Trading LLC, was established in 2015 following the rapid growth of the beauty industry in the Middle-East, especially in the GCC, which is a demanding market for reliable and customer-service oriented suppliers.

Indeed, customers expect quality, affordability and excellent customer service.

Ijmal Cosmetics Trading LLC is not only renowned for the outstanding quality of its products and services but also for its knowledgeable and experienced staff.

Expert support and dedication have ensured the loyalty of our customers and resulted in Ijmal Cosmetics Trading LLC to become a significant force within the UAE’s beauty industry.

Mr. Hamdi Osman
Mr. Hamdi Osman

Our chosen brands are exclusively selected due to their use of the most innovative and healthiest ingredients, as well as technology found to date. They provide our clients with top of the range products and help our clients maintain an indulging healthy and glorious lifestyle. “These High ethical standards are necessary to maintain a competitive advantage, the pride and confidence of our employees, and the ability to provide quality products to our clients “. Said Mr. Hamdi Osman, Former Senior Vice President of FEDEX, President of Dubai rotary club and Chairman of Ijmal Cosmetics Trading, LLC.

Mr. Hamdi Osman


Mr. Mohamed Elmadbouly
Mr. Mohamed Elmadbouly

Ijmal Cosmetics Trading harbours a great deal of respect for the local small businesses in its area, which is responsible for keeping the community employed and growing. By building a business based on long-standing relationships with satisfied clients, Ijmal Cosmetics Trading will simultaneously build defences against future competition. The longer the relationship stands, the more the Company helps its customers understand what we offer them and why they need it. Said Mr Mohamed Elmadbouly , The Founder of Ijmal Cosmetics Trading

Mr. Mohamed Elmadbouly


Vision & Mission
Vision & Mission

The Company's industry aspires to reach all the 5000 Salons in the UAE whose combined annual Market Value is of around 300M Dirhams. Our products do not have any seasonality that affects the market growth.

Overall, Ijmal Cosmetics Trading LLC has the products and professionalism necessary to flourish within its market. By delivering superior customer service and offering quality cosmetics products.


Since start, Ijmal Cosmetics Trading LLC had excellent customer relations and work ethics.

The Company made an effort to stay in line with the beauty supply industry; therefore, paying attention to industry rates and products. Furthermore, keeping customers happy is an implicit part of building a relationship that will encourage repeat business


Healthy – Innovative – Latest technology, that really works..!

We believe everyone deserves to have access to the healthiest and best quality innovative beauty products available using the latest technology found to date. We also believe that every product we sell must be effective and fully tested for safety.


We have a deep understanding of the products we sell and the needs of the beauty industry. Our expertise also extends to understanding the beauty needs of our demanding customers.

Added Value
Added Value

Ijmal Cosmetics Trading LLC has an advantage because the owners are superior business team that offers an in-depth knowledge of the beauty supply industry.

Additionally, Ijmal Cosmetics Trading LLC 's level of integrity, great location, as well as the Company's dedicated owners will aid in building a strong reputation within its community.

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What We Do

  • Beauty Salons & Spas
  • Retailers
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Beauty Salons & Spas
Improve your offerings to customers with our world-class range of beauty products.
Enhance your range with new healthy and high-quality but affordable beauty products that your customers will love.
Our expert team will ensure you get the products that best suit your needs.
Ensure your team understands how to get the maximum benefits from the products in our range.

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Our Brands

An exclusive range of haircare tools, products, treatments, colours, and lighteners from one of the most respected names in the beauty industry, Farouk Systems.
An innovative range of products and hair rejuvenation therapies that revives hair, restores hair to its natural lustre, and makes hair healthier.
BioSilk - haircare tools, products, treatments, colours and lighteners. A innovative range from Farouk Systems, one of the most respected names in the beauty industry.